Publications & Experience

Santa Monica National Recreation Area (CA)

Refereed Articles


  • Kelly Pennaz, A.B., Palomino, J., Butsic, V., and M. Kelly. Forthcoming. Park Neighborhoods: Understanding how factors 1 external to US National Parks may influence incidences of crime within their boundaries.
  • Kelly Pennaz, A.B., Palomino, J., and M. Kelly. Forthcoming. Policing the Parks: Differing Detection in US National Parks Driven By Ranger Time Constraints, Perception of Safety, and Motivation.
  • Kelly Pennaz, A.B., Ahmadou, M., Moritz, M., and P. Scholte. 2017. Not seeing the cattle for the elephants: The implications of discursive linkages between Boko Haram and wildlife poaching in Waza National Park, Cameroon. Conservation and Society
  • Kelly Pennaz, A.B. 2017. Is that Gun for the Bears? The National Park Service Ranger as a Historically Contradictory Figure. Conservation and Society.
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Invited Colloquia

  •   2013    Invited by Program in Agrarian Studies at Yale University to give a colloquium on my work December 6th 2013.

Conference Papers & Posters

  • 2016    Discussant. Political Ecologies of Conflict, Capitalism, and Contestation. Annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), April.
  • 2016    Discussant. De-centering the Frontier--Catch-all for Dispossession or Useful Analytical Concept? Annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), April.
  • 2016    Advisory Committee. Political Ecologies of Conflict, Capitalism, and Contestation Conference. Wageningen, The Netherlands. July 7-9.
  • 2016    Co-Presenter with M. Moritz and P. Scholte. “Unruly” Landscapes: Understanding Border Parks and Conflict in Northern Cameroon. Political Ecologies of Conflict, Capitalism, and Contestation Conference. Wageningen, The Netherlands. July 7-9.
  • 2015    Co-Presenter and Discussion Leader: Crime and Landscape Change in Pacific West National Parks.  Qualitative Methods Group.  Berkeley D-Lab. University of California, Berkeley. September 10, 2015.
  • 2015    Paper Presentation: “Policing Eden: The Evolution of Law Enforcement in US National Parks.” Green Violence: Interrogating New Conflicts over Nature and Conservation. Panel Chaired by Bram Büscher and Libby Lunstrum. Annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), Chicago, IL. April 21-25.
  • 2015    Paper Presentation: “Policing paradise: law enforcement in National Parks, a historical perspective.” Informatics and Parks Session, Science for Parks, Parks For Science: The Next Century. University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley California, March 25-7.
  • 2014    Poster Presentation: Developing Mixed-Methods Approach to Researching Crime in National Parks. Annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology (ASC). San Francisco, CA. November 20.
  • 2014    Organizer and Chair of paper session with Rosaleen Duffy. Violence, Security, and Conservation. Annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), Tampa, FL. April 9.
  • 2013    “Context in Land Matters.” Paper (authored with Nancy Lee Peluso) presented at International Association for the Study of the Commons conference, Mt. Fuji, Japan; July 3-7. Forthcoming.
  •  2013    Participant, organizer and chair for double paper session, with Megan Ybarra. Nature, Property and Violence. Annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), Los Angeles, CA; April 9.
  • 2013    Participant and Organizer of paper session with Clare Gupta. Giving Back: Reciprocity in Fieldwork in Geographies of Hope Symposium. Annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), Los Angeles, CA; April 12.
  •  2012    “Whispering to the Wind: Negotiations over access to natural resources in Waza National Park, Cameroon.” International Academic Conference on Global Land Grabbing II. Land Deal Politics Institute and Cornell Department of Development Sociology. Ithaca, NY; October 18. 
  •  2012    “Property Vacuums and the Post-Primitive Accumulation Story. Association of American Geographers Conference, New York, NY; February 27.
  •  2011    “The Crumbling Fortress: A Case Study of Conservation Decline in Waza National Park, Cameroon” African Studies Association Annual Conference: Washington D.C.; November 17. 
  •  2010    “Against Hardin: National Parks as Commons?” Bay Area Conservation Biology Symposium: University of California, San Francisco; February 20.
  • 2009    “People, Parks and Property in Sub-Saharan Africa.” African Studies Association Annual Conference: New Orleans; November 21.

Technical Reports

  • 2015    Kelly, A.B. Report on Survey of 30 Chief Law Enforcement Rangers in the National Park Service's Pacific West Region. 
  •  2014    Kelly, A.B. Series of “Short Reports” for Pacific West Regional Office of National Park Service.  Reports on policing and criminogenic factors in parks.
  • 2012    Peluso, N.L., Kelly, A.B. and K. Woods. “Context in Land Matters: Access and History in Land Formalization” Review Paper Submitted to Center for International Forestry Research. 

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